April 12, 2016




WASHINGTON D.C. – Today marks the day that liberal feminists, progressive groups and their allies in Washington declare as “Equal Pay Day," the day they promote the faulty wage gap statistic and call for more government action to address sexism in the workplace.

Independent Women’s Forum (IWF), the group at the forefront debunking the exaggerated wage-gap statistic and so-called "War on Women," released the following statement from executive director Sabrina Schaeffer:

"Despite data proving otherwise, feminist groups, Democratic lawmakers, and presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders continue to rely on the left’s favorite faulty statistic to trick women into thinking the workplace is systematically hostile to women—claiming working women are shortchanged compared to their male counterparts. They perpetuate the idea that the economy is a battle between the sexes. 

"While the left insists on more top-down, one-size-fits-all government mandates that would work counter to women's interests, IWF is releasing Working for Women: A Modern Agenda for Improving Women's Lives, a report providing an alternative vision that empowers women by focusing on job creation, true workplace flexibility, and returning resources to individual women.

"Working for Women advances policy reforms that will guarantee greater opportunity for women. By removing government regulations that hold women back and encouraging the creation of a more dynamic, innovative, and flexible working environment, these reforms will ensure opportunities abound so men and women can find satisfying work situations that meet their unique needs. That—not a day dedicated to manufactured feminist grievances—would be something to celebrate."

IWF held a national press call yesterday to discuss the current economic landscape and the challenges facing women. They explained the modern policy reforms laid out in Working for Women and how they will give women more control over their lives and create a more dynamic economy and innovative society that helps all Americans better pursue their individual vision of happiness. For the transcript and audio from that call please visit

Working for Women: A Modern Agenda for Improving Women's Lives is available for download HERE



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