Comments and disagreements about equal pay in the workplace will continue long after Equal Pay Day.

Speaking Tuesday in Washington, D.C., President Barack Obama said that if we truly value fairness, then America should be a level playing field.

A level playing field, he said, is where everyone "who works hard gets a chance to succeed."

The President's remarks coincided with Equal Pay Day, which Carrie Lukas at Independent Women's Forum calls a feminist creation.

"It's definitely true. On average, men earn more than women do," Lukas says. "But when the feminists try to blame it all on discrimination and make it sound as though two co-workers, one man and one woman are being regularly short-changed, that's just misleading."

According to Lukas, the real cause of the wage gap is the different choices that men and women make when it comes to work and family life. 

On Tuesday, IWF launched a report on these and related issue entitled, "Working for Women: A Modern Agenda for Improving Women's Lives."

"We also want to help women, and we think that we need some policy reforms to improve women's prospects," Lukas tells OneNewsNow. "But we believe that we can do that by following conservative principles." 

IWF recommends policy makers focus on greater job creation, facilitating job creation and cutting red tape, among other things.