There's justice after all!

From USA Today:

TAMPA — The Florida middle school teacher who asked students to fill out a "privilege" form as part of an assignment resigned from the Hillsborough County School District on Thursday.

Yoselis Ramos, who taught Spanish at Monroe Middle School, was suspended last week for passing out a "how privileged are you?" list to seventh- and eighth-graders in two of Ramos' Spanish classes as an extension of literature the students were reading.

In addition to race, the forms asked students about their disability status, gender and sexual orientation, and religion. In another section, kids were asked to circle "cisgender," "transgender" or "genderqueer."…

A subsequent investigation by the school district determined that Ramos had caused a disruption, was teaching something that was not part of the district's curriculum, and had offended families with her lesson plan.

If only Ramos had asked the kids to translate "genderqueer" into Spanish, the assignment might have been OK!

The Daily Caller reports in more detail on the contents of Ramos's assignment:

The Spanish teacher’s survey asked students to define themselves in many ways. Under “skin color,” for example, the three choices were “White/Light,” “Brown” and “Black/Dark.”

Under “Religion,” the hilariously crass form also uses the term “Muslim/Sikh,” thus stupidly conflating two world religions that have nothing to do with each other except unrelated traditions about facial hair.

The three sex-related columns — “Sex,” Gender” and “Sexual Orientation” — offer an array of choices for the seventh-grade and eighth-grade students including “Intersex,” “Cisgendered,” “Transgendered,” Genderqueer” and “Pansexual.”

Among the outraged parents who complained to the Monroe Middle School principal, who promptly suspended Ramos with pay pending an investigation, was Regina Stiles, whose daughter was in one of Ramos's classes:

“She’s 12,” Stiles told WTSP. “Some of these things should be taught at home.”

But as I said, justice was done. And now Ramos has a chance to try out her "privilege form" at another school.