For years, IWF writers have tracked the FDA's dangerous regulatory actions to reduce salt in Amercans' diets (see just a small sampling of our coverage here, here and here).

Over the years, we've witnessed a troubling trend in Washington–where agencies willfully deny the latest medical and health data that is contrary to their regulatory goals. That's exacly what's happening at the FDA. In the face of overwhelming medical research that quesitons the relationship between salt and cardiovascular health, the FDA continues pursue salt-reduction regulations that could actually lead to disasterous health oucomes. In fact, two Danish researchers were so worried about the FDA's proposed salt reduction policies that they warned in a recent study pulbished in the American Journal of Hypertension that “the ‘science’ on which the FDA policy on sodium reduction is based is dubious” and that “the present recommendations may kill people instead of saving them.”

Luckily, for the American public, a petition has been started to get the White House to pay attention to FDA's dangerous actions. The petition reads: 

We ask the federal government to stop their plan to push sodium reduction in food produced in the U.S.—a plan that will affect almost the entire U.S. food supply and will change the foods that consumers depend on and enjoy. The American people already revolted against sodium reduction schemes. Public comments on the FDA’s proposed restrictions on sodium were overwhelmingly negative, yet the federal government continues to call for salt reduction despite far-reaching costs and consequences. Science indicates that population-wide sodium reduction is unnecessary and could be harmful and Americans don't want their favorite foods to change. The case against the federal government's Dietary Guidelines on Sodium and their sodium reduction tactics can be found here

Go here to sign the petition and let the White House know you want the President to reign in an out of control FDA.