"We will continue to have a strong and dedicated staff of more than 300 workers who are going to help us win in California and other contests still to come", he said.

Clinton also faces the task of drawing Sanders's supporters to her side after the Democratic National Convention in July. Not only did Donald Trump win the vote total among Republicans in Pennsylvania but 39 of the 54 uncommitted delegates from the state say they will be supporting Trump at the GOP convention.

But speaking in Evansville in the hotly-contested state, he continued to rail against what he calls the "crooked way" the party picks its nominee and claimed his rival Ted Cruz is unfairly winning delegates. He has vowed to compete until the final District of Columbia primary in June. "So if people are only campaigning in the purple states they are only campaigning to those swing state voters and not caring about what the whole country needs", explained Nicholas Engel, who has been volunteering with the campaign, from state to state, for months.

"I can neither support a liar and a criminal, nor a bigot and a racist", says Joshua Cortes, a freshman at the University of Florida. Bernie Sanders and his failure to address certain issues and questions that we voters should have answered.

"I don't think there's going to be any taboos with Donald Trump", said James Pethokoukis, a scholar with the conservative American Enterprise Institute. "When he said, 'Bad judgment, ' I said, 'Sound bite!'"

"Hillary Clinton and her supporters have employed this line far too often suggesting that women somehow owe her their support just because she's a woman", said Carrie Lukas of the Independent Women's Forum. For example, Sanders spent more than $4.8 million on payroll expenses in March, compared with $2.7 million for Clinton, according to an NPR analysis of those fundraising reports.

"We will unify our party to win this election", Clinton said Tuesday night in her victory speech in Philadelphia, mindful of the distrust harbored by enthusiastic supporters of rival Sen.

At least some in the Sanders camp have signaled that changes are in the works.

"A restaurant in Pennsylvania has unveiled a pizza inspired by Hillary Clinton".

Second, however, it's also important for Sanders not to alienate Clinton and other members of the party.

Jane Sanders recently sat down with MSNBC's " Morning Joe" for an interview.

"Trump did an impression of Hillary Clinton accusing her of needing a teleprompter and speaking in a boring, robotic manner".

"We may be spoiling their day but we're not spoiling the race".

Mr Boehner said he and Mr Trump are "texting buddies" and he will vote for the property tycoon.