Quote of the Day:

I always considered myself to be Trans Gender. No, it has nothing to do with bathrooms. My biological apparatus matches both my birth certificate and sense of reality. What I mean is that I've always looked at things from an essentially gender-neutral perspective.

Christine M. Flowers, Philadelphia Daily News

Proposing the radical notion that we are not "functions, or victims of our nether regions," Ms. Flowers has penned Monday morning's must read. Ms. Flowers is not a supporter of the candidate she dubs "His Mighty Orangeness," but she is also not a fan of Mrs. Clinton's "War on Women" strategy. Indeed, she daringly refers to it as the "'war on women' shtick."

I don't quite know what to make of Ms. Flowers' piece, but somehow I felt I had to share it with you. It's pretty outrageous and at the same time provides food for thought:

But when Hillary starts making her sly, dog-whistle references to how Trump demeans the sisters, I head straight for the Dramamine. Part of it is that she didn't care too much about the sisters "dating" her husband.

Mostly, it's about the lazy thinking that goes into the "war on women" shtick, the fraudulent and awkward attempt to enlist people of vastly divergent philosophies, principles and experiences into one happy sorority of solidarity.

Frankly, the only thing that I have in common with Clinton and the type of woman who thinks like her is my plumbing (and even that should become irrelevant with the impending hot flashes.) She, and they, have nothing for me.

But I'm supposed to be offended that Donald Trump is making sexist remarks because I'm a girl. For a group that has long lobbied for equality between the sexes, this seems to me like a return to the days of pink-is-for-girls-and-blue-is-for-boys.

There is real misogyny in the world, and I've experienced it, usually from other women and the liberal men who want to date them. I'm used to being called ugly, stupid, incoherent, a bad writer, and lots of equally unpleasant things, especially by the sort of people who otherwise are devoted to tolerance and diversity.

And I'm not stupid enough to believe that gender is irrelevant. Quite the contrary, I think it is extremely important, and that's why the whole idea of gender fluidity repels me. For example, I'm frightened at how willing we seem to just ignore the negative impact of this bathroom nonsense, but it's like the frog that sits in a pot of water. If you turn up the heat slowly, the frog gets acclimated to the boiling temperatures, and doesn't jump out in time to save itself.

That's where society is right now. Legalize sodomy? Turn up the temperature. Same-sex marriage? Make it a few degrees hotter. Caitlyn Jenner? Your tea is almost ready. Transgender bathrooms? Full boil; sayonara.

But recognizing and respecting gender is a lot different from using it as a badge of victimhood.

Trump is a creep. But he doesn't look below the waist when going in for the kill.

In a strange way, Donald Trump is an evolved human being who looks at people as either friends or enemies. Whether they stand up or sit down when doing their business is irrelevant.

So I say we all just demagnetize our woman cards, and focus on what matters:

Will Bill Clinton's platform as "first lady" require parental consent?

Discuss among yourselves.