In a typically maverick move, GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has hired Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton to manage his campaign ads.

Trump’ hire of his leading opponent might seem quixotic—but since Clinton’s strongest voting bloc is unmarried women working outside the home—it looks like an obvious attempt by The Donald to snare some of that vote for himself. And sure enough, Clinton has already tweeted this brilliant pro-Trump pitch (preserved on a screenshot by Dilbert creator Scott Adams) that emphasizes Trump’s commitment to an important feminist issue: equal pay for equal work.

The tweet says, ‘“You’re gonna make the same if you do as good a job’—Donald Trump on equal pay.” Below those words are no fewer than nine black-and-white photos of the Donald, subtly reminding the females who follow Clinton on Twitter which candidate they should pull the lever for in November. Below the photos are these words: “Trump says he ‘cherishes’ women—but his stances on equal pa…Time to start believing Trump’s rhetoric.”

Great job, Hillary! Equal pay for equal work! Time to start believing Trump’s rhetoric!

There’s hardly a man or woman in America who doesn’t believe that women who do as good a job as men—cultivate the same skills, put in the same grueling hours, fight and beat cutthroat competition, trade security for risk, responsibility, and unpleasant working conditions, and sacrifice family time to get the work done—they should get paid exactly the same as men.

Now, Adams insists that the tweet is actually “the mother of all campaign errors,” and that “it is a Clinton tweet that accidentally looks pro-Trump.”

But isn’t that an overly cynical view? Doesn’t that assume that feminists actually want women to be paid the same as men even when they don’t do the same job as men? When they choose less demanding jobs in their profession because they want the security and the shorter hours so they can be with their families? Don’t feminists say that office receptionists should be paid the same as truck drivers because it’s all “comparable” work? Isn’t that what the “79 cents” is all about?

I’m sorry, but I’m just not that cynical. I think Hillary Clinton is a terrific Trump strategist, And if you don't agree with me, you obviously must think that Hillary's tweet is the dumbest campaign move since this.