A phone-in from a self-identified IRS employee doesn't rule out the possibility that the caller is a hoaxer who's never set foot inside the IRS.

That said, this report in the Free Beacon on such a call to lawyer Cleta Mitchell, who represents conservatives who say that they were targeted and was appearing on C-Span, is fascinating:   

"I am a lowly clerk at the IRS, looking at your application for tax-free status,” said the caller, Bill, from Elizabeth, New Jersey. “I go to your web page to see the goals of your group and one of the goals of your group is to abolish the IRS.”

“You can bet every dollar you got I’m going to go after you and target you and try and end your group and that’s just the way it is,” the caller said.

Mitchell replied:

"Well, it shouldn’t be that way, actually, and I don’t know anybody who said they would they would get rid of the IRS, but if they did that’s their right, that’s their First Amendment right to do that,” Ms. Mitchell responded.

 “And a government employee is not supposed to superimpose his beliefs or his judgment or his concern about his job over those of a citizen who has a first amendment right to express that opinion to abolish the IRS or to change the tax code.”

If this caller is for real–and it should not be too hard to find out–this would be the first break in an IRS stonewall against congressional attempts to probe the IRS conservative targeting scandal.

It would also be an indication of just how self-serving and abusive towards the public those who are in theory our employees are.

And if GOP members of Congress who are interested in getting to the bottom of the IRS' targeting scandal don't verify whether this call is for real, then they are lazy indeed.