Oh, dear–the main rationale for a Hillary presidency may be evaporating.

Seems that "Elect me, I'm a woman" is falling on deaf ears.  

This is big news so one wonders why the Associated Press saved it for the tail end of a story (actually one doesn't wonder that much). But here is is:

 Trump’s eagerness to make gender a major issue has complicated the delicate balancing act she already faces as the first woman to head a major party ticket.

Clinton has stopped explicitly mentioning her role in history and joking about being the “youngest woman president.” That’s by design: Those kinds of direct appeals weren’t working with voters.

“De-emphasize the ‘first’ talk,” advised a research report done by [liberal pro-abortion group] Emily’s List. “They already know she’d be the first woman president,” the report said of donors, “but we don’t get anything by reminding them.”

Kudos to Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller for wading through the AP story to find this nugget. Ed Morrissey added it to his Buried Lede Department collection.

Lisa Schiffren was one of the very first to see that Clinton's reliance on gender wasn't going to catapult Mrs. Clinton into the White House.

Younger women, Lisa observed, don't resonate to a sense of grievance feminists of Mrs. Clinton's generation exude, and, moreover, having serious careers of their own, may be likely to regard Hillary as somebody who hitched her wagon to Bill and pursued power through marriage.