Has Hillary Clinton's presidential run gone into full panic mode–or is it just vin ordinaire bumbling?

On May 25, New York Times political pundit Thomas Edsall wrote:

In sheer numbers, Clinton has suffered her biggest losses among men, especially white men. The percentage of college-educated white men who said they would vote for her dropped an astonishing 14 points from March to May (from 47 to 33 percent); among white men without college degrees, already a problem area for her campaign, Clinton’s support also fell, from 26 to 14 percent.

On May 26, an ad appeared with a photo of…a white man asserting his support for Hillary and displaying that familar blue "H" with the enormous jutting red arrow that instantly reminds viewers of Hillary's adventurous husband, Bill, back in the Monica days.

"I am man enough to vote for a woman…Are you?" asks the ad. The problem is…um, the man. If your idea of a really masculine guy is a hair-gelled lumbersexual with a collarbone-level beard that looks like algae bloom, a sleeve tat, and not a lot of muscle mass on those white- T-shirted arms, well, you're man enough to vote for…maybe not just any woman but certainly the one who couldn't keep her e-mail accounts straight.

Then—-hahahaahaha!–it turned out that the Hillary fans who made the ad apparently didn't want to spend money to hire their own model–and anyway, time was of the essence–so they used a stock photo. And lo, it then turned out that  a photo of the same guy with the gel, the  Rasputin beard and the white T also appeared in an Oregon Health Authority public-service ad for…syphillis awareness!

Really! The Oregon ad says: "PORTLAND Nationally we're #1 for coffee, #1 for fitness, #5 for syphillis."

The combined bearded message: You must be itching to vote for Hillary!

Now, Jezebel writer Anna Merlan called the Clinton campaign office and got this response: “This is not an ad from the campaign.”

And it undoubtedly wasn't from her official campaign. But most of the ham-fisted pro-Hillary ads that look as though they were produced at the Trump Tower penthouse don't come directly from the Clinton campaign but from the gazillion-dollar super-PACs that do Hillary's legwork for her. Why should this one be any different?