Veteran journalist Robert Merry has had it with the trashing of American history and the dead white men who, he says, are largely responsible for building the civilization in the early days. In an eloquent column, Merry writes:

I’ve had it with people strutting around campuses with the view that their politics is somehow more pristine than that of whites because their ancestors were “victims” in the mists of yesteryear.

Those dead white males built this country. Sure, they had help from others, but the credit belongs largely to them. They ventured onto a forbidding continent, with their wives and children, and braved ferocious winters, scarce food, dense forests, and the understandable but dangerous hostility of native populations.

They broke away from the mother country in a revolution of immense bravery and then crafted a civic compact that may well be the greatest achievement of governmental genesis in the history of mankind. In that compact, they addressed the twin challenges of civilized society — governmental legitimacy and succession of rulers — so successfully that even today we enjoy the fruits of their brilliance, though those fruits are under severe challenge from people who don’t begin to understand the genius behind them or their delicacy.

I urge you to  read the entire column–and I urge Mr. Merry to hire a food taster.