A high school in Texas won't let its honor students wear their white satin National Honor Society stoles to graduation because that wouldn't be "inclusive."

That is, not inclusive of the students who spent their high-school years ditching class, throwing spitballs, and sending selfies to each other. So unfair!

Here's the report from Fox News:

A National Honor Society sponsor told a parent that administrators from Plano Senior High School do not want to single any students out, WFAA.com reported.

“They deserve it,” one parent told WFAA.com. “They worked so hard for it. If you choose not to work that hard, then that’s OK. I wasn’t an NHS kid. I didn’t wear the NHS stole when I graduated. But friends of mine did, and I was OK!”…

The school said in a statement, "We are aware that many honor students may not also be members of the National Honor Society, but the school has opted not to include additional regalia per tradition…."

"Honor students" who aren't members of the National Honor Society? Isn't that a tad Orwellian?

But I forgot: Everyone's an "honor student" nowadays–just as every kid in the Tiny Tots sports leagues gets a trophy, just for "participating." We can't damage the youthful snowflakes' self-esteem.

As one Fox News commenter wrote: "I think graduations are offensive to the kids who didn't graduate, they should cancel the whole thing."