No straight white men allowed—this is an equality conference!

The Daily Caller reports:

A lecturers’ union in England banned straight, white, able-bodied males from participating in an equality conference in order to create a “safe space” for conference attendees.

In order to attend the majority of the University and College Union’s equality conference, prospective attendees had to identify which “protected characteristic” they possess, such as being gay, disabled, or non-white….

Organizers divided the conference into four sections: women, disabled, LGBT, and ethnic minorities. Attendees who didn’t possess the required “protected characteristic” would be unable to attend that section, in order to create a “safe space.” In other words, straight, white, able-bodied men would be barred from attending any of the sections.

Indeed, according to Times Higher Education, the union, representing lower-level faculty at U.K. universities, specifically rejected a motion to allow members to attend sections at the Liverpool conference without having to state that they were gay, disabled, or members of ethnic minorities.

…Ciara Doyle, senior lecturer in youth and community studies at the University of Greenwich, told congress that she would not attend the conference if equality reps of all types were allowed to attend.

The conference’s breakout sessions are a unique “safe space” for those with various characteristics to talk openly about their situations, which might otherwise be dominated by those with no personal experience of these matters, she said.

“We see in the union movement that…some people’s voices are far louder than others,” she told THE.

And all animals are equal, but some animals are far more equal than others.