Sabrina Schaeffer, executive director of the Independent Women’s Forum, opened up the 2016 election panel by saying it’s been an interesting election season.

James Rosebush, a former Reagan White House official, sparked the idea for the panel with a conversation Schaeffer and he had about nine months ago. He wrote a book called True Reagan that talked about the issue of character and true virtue of our leaders. She thought that IWF should do a panel on this, and the idea grew from there.

“The Character of Our Political Leadership: Political Civility, Discourse, and the Impact on Women Voters in the 2016 Election” was just one of the panels at the IWF annual Women Lead Summit that focuses on economic policy issues that affect women in the workplace. The panel also included a former President George W. Bush speechwriter.

Take a look at the full panel to see what conclusions the panelists came to.