How ordinary people wished a happy Father's Day yesterday to the men in their life:

"You’re the best, Dad. I love you!”

How feminists wished a happy Father's Day yesterday to the men in their life:

"Happy Father's Day! Let us all commit to expect fathers to be equal caregivers & just as competent in the home as mothers are in the office."

Because Father's Day is all about giving men a condescending lecture reminding them to get busy and fold that laundry.

As might be expected, the author of the the above tweet, NewAmerica CEO Anne-Marie Slaughter, soon started complaining that–surprise, surprise!–almost none of her reply tweeters were agreeing with her: She tweeted:

"I'm PRAISING men!,"

Yeah, right.

A number of the reply tweeters were women. Erin Arlinghaus had this to say:

Thanks, but I already told my husband and kids' dad I love and appreciate him unconditionally. It's more my style.

Patriotic Mama tweeted:

Feminist uses Father's Day tweet to insult men & accuse them of being "incompetent" caregivers.

Everyday Woman tweeted:

lol is there anything f[—]ing feminists won't ruin with their virtue signaling sanctimony?

I'm not even going to get into CEO Slaughter's elitist assumption that most women work "in the office" the way she does.

But it would be nice if "in the home" when used by feminists somehow always leaves out the stuff that fathers actually do to keep their households running: taking out the trash, shoveling the snow, mowing the lawn, cleaning the leaves out of the drainage, crawling under the house to find that burst pipe, putting the Ikea furniture together. Not to mention slaving away at hard, sometimes dirty, and often no-fun jobs to keep the food on the table and the roof over their families' heads.

But nooo, it's always about nagging them to do their "fair share" of loading the dishwasher.