Maine's plucky Ann LePage just became my favorite state-level first lady in the nation.

Mrs. LePage's reforming Republican husband is the lowest paid governor in the U.S. ($70,000).

Here is what Ann LePage did when she wanted to buy a new car for the family: She took a summer job as a waitress at Seagull's restaurant in Boothbay Harbor, where the couple's daughter previously worked.

"She's an amazing employee," the owner said of Mrs. Page, pictured in the Washington Post beaming and holding big menus as she waited on a table.

The American Thinker can't resist a comparison:

Quite a contrast to another First Lady some time back, whose governor husband’s salary in Arkansas was also low by national standards. First Lady of Arkansas Hillary Clinton invested $1,000 in cattle futures, which turned into $6,300 overnight and nearly $100K over ten months. When that raised some eyebrows (among non-Democrats, of course!), the claim was that she “read the Wall Street Journal to research her trades…”, although it was finally admitted that she was given ‘advice’ by some politically connected individuals. 

Another administration official explained why, after making nearly one hundred times her money with a risk of only one thousand dollars, Hillary Clinton never again tried such investment, that “She couldn't stomach it anymore… It was too nerve-racking." That does not seem to qualify as the temperament required of the commander-in-chief!

Also during her tenure as First Lady of Arkansas, Hillary Clinton was appointed to the Board of Director of Walmart, then based in Arkansas.

In an age of over-privileged, cosseted and snobbish political families, Ann Page is my heroine.