Hillary Clinton’s Houdini-like escape from a criminal referral to the Justice Department by the FBI has spawned a bonanza of headlines that the Democratic presumptive nominee might  wish she could delete. Among them:

Hillary Makes the FBI’s Least-Wanted List

This headline appeared above a Wall Street Journal column by former U.S. Attorney General  Michael Mukasey. Known for his gravitas, Mukasey, who is friendly with FBI Director James Comey, didn’t pull any punches:

Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey opened and closed his statement to the press Tuesday with expressions of gratitude and pride to be associated with the bureau. His description of FBI agents’ work on the Hillary Clinton email investigation showed why he feels that way. Whether the rest of his statement—explaining why he wasn’t recommending prosecution of Mrs. Clinton—should make the feeling mutual is an open question.

The agents had to reconstruct thousands of emails from a series of private servers used and abandoned over the years, some of them turned into confetti in the process. The FBI agents also had to tease out from the files of other government employees emails that they might have received from or sent to Mrs. Clinton during her tenure as secretary of state, and weigh their importance.

. . .

Mr. Comey didn’t explain why, with evidence clearly fulfilling the requirements of the two statutes involved, no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case—except for the director’s inaccurate assertion that it had never been done before.

And finally, although there was transparency about process, there was no discussion of underlying facts, only conclusions. It may be that some day there will be the usual transparency: disclosure of facts. That day was not Tuesday, and it is little wonder that many in and out of government were left both puzzled and dismayed.

And I love this one:

Mr. Comey, Hillary Wants Another Job that Requires Security Clearance

That is a headline on Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt. Actually, it’sa pretty important consideration. Meanwhile, the Department of State refuses to answer questions on whether Clinton’s aides retain security clearance. If they don’t, I’m sure some strings can be pulled for them . . .


Unindicted Felon Campaigns with Guy Who Let Her Walk

Ouch! This is from Hot Air and features a video of Hillary Clinton and President Obama campaigning together yesterday in North Carolina shortly after James Comey’s remarks.


FBI Findings May Damage Many of Clinton’s Claims

Ya think? But this is a New York Times headline. If even they can see this . .  . . Love the “may damage.”

Clinton Emails Collapse under FBI Probe

The Associated Press fact checks Mrs. Clinton’s claims against the FBI’s findings. The results to not put Mrs. Clinton in the best possible light.

Fortunately for Mrs. Clinton, it appears that nothing in Comey’s remarks will affect her bid to be the Democratic nominee for the highest office in the land.