Call it propaganda-sharing.

Uber has joined the liberal-elite rush to characterize the cold-blooded murder of five Dallas police officers…yet another opportunity to give a shout-out for gun control.

PJ Media's Liz Shield reports:

The company is forcing users of their service to take one minute and think about gun violence before booking a ride.

When users open the app they see a message that reads: “our hearts go out to the victims of this week’s terrible gun violence.”

“As we move around our cities this weekend, let’s take a moment to think about what we can do to help,” the message preached.

"Gun violence." That's one way to characterize a nationwide series of assaults on cops over the weekend that might have been directed by militant black separatist groups.

Oh, and this:

The app also turned its Uber icons into peace symbols.

Isn't that cute?

Uber users also posted an image of a message that said the company will be making donations to "a number of social justice and anti-violence non-profits in Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, and Dallas."…

Uber is an well-known anti-Second Amendment company prohibiting its drivers and passengers from possessing a firearm while using the service.

Uber wants people to think ot it a plucky little David taking on the entrenched and highly regulated taxi industry. But actually, it's more like Goliath, with a $51 billion market capitalization that makes the Ford Motor Co., with a mere $13 billion market cap, look like Mom and Pop's corner auto shop by comparison.

As Shields writes:

This is exactly the type of thing I expect from smug, self-righteous, millennial tech millionaires….

If you don't want your transportation dollars going to a "social justice" organization, it's time to rethink how you chose to travel. Perhaps consider Lyft, or just use a taxicab.

At least that Moroccan cabbie won't be giving you a lecture on why no one really needs to own an AR-15.