Hell hath no fury like a feminist journalist experiencing a microaggression.

Former NBC producer Betsy Fischer Martin was so freaked out by having to listen to a United Airlines pilot call the stewardesses "pretty" that she promptly alerted United via Twitter, presumably so that appropriate disciplinary steps could be taken:

Really? @united pilot just directed passengers on PA to pay attention "to the pretty young ladies in the aisle" for safety instructions.

So–will United fire the man, or just push him out of the plane at 30,000 feet?

Well, United is going to do something, because Fischer is such a big media cheese (she's married to New York Times political reporter Jonathan Martin). Indeed, the airline promptly tweeted back:

Betsy, please feel free to DM us more details including flight number. ^NC

That's nice: Punishing a pilot for complimenting the flight attendants. The emboldened Martin flamed out a few more tweets:

when is @united going to at least train pilots to act like it's 2016 not 1965.


Retweeting a sample of many tweets showing why is alive and well in the workplace.

Heat Street, which reported Martin's Twitter-tattle, had this update:

No word yet on whether this monster will face any consequences for his actions.

And according to Heat Street, reporting air-travel sexist indignities over Twitter has become a feminist-journalist thing. Here's a tweet yesterday from the Washington Post's Karen Tumulty:

Misogynist souvenir now on sale at the airport. Seriously, BWI?

The "misogynist souvenir" in question is a Hillary Clinton nutcracker. We can't have anyone making fun of Hillary.