Karen Pence, wife of vice presidential hopeful Mike Pence, is a small business entrepreneur.

Her small company (on hold because he is running for veep) makes small towel charms that apparently can be affixed to towels to keep others from using yours.

So the folks on the other side of the aisle are grudgingly admitting that, yes, here is an independent Republican woman who has carved out a niche for herself, right?

Well, no their claws are out for her. National Review's Ericka Andersen reports:

The Huffington Post, Jezebel, Fusion and even Forbes are just a few outlets who chose to mockingly spotlight Pence’s business, which has reportedly been “on hold” since her husband was chosen as Donald Trump’s VP pick.

The writers making fun of Mrs. Pence clearly find themselves all too clever as they take cheap digs at another woman’s small business venture. Such bored “journalists” can find nothing of actual substance to dish about the Pences, who appear to be a loving, principled, drama-free family.

No doubt, these same outlets will bemoan the travesties of sexism next week when some conservative calls Hillary Clinton a liar. I’ll be happy to remind them of that time they took glee in stomping on a another female’s business venture because they could find absolutely nothing negative about her to gossip about.

What silly, silly women.