Remember Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake?

Remember when Baltimore erupted in violent riots over the death of Freddie Gray and Rawlings-Blake said that she wanted to give those “who wished to destroy” the space to do so?

 Well, tonight she's very likely to be the one gaveling the Democratic convention to order.

It will be interesting to see how much space Rawlings-Blake, who as secretary of the DNC gets the honor of replacing embattled Debbie Wasserman Schultz, gives Bernie Sanders protesters tonight.

There have been three acquittals and one hung jury in trials of police officers charged in the death of Gray, and it appears likely that Gray's death was accidental, possibly the result of Gray's thrashing around after being arrested.

I can't help but think that having somebody so prominently associated with Baltimore's anti-police riots gavel the convention to order will play right  into Donald Trump's law and order theme.