Philadelphia — Convention-goers will enjoy respite from a few of the Democrat-pushed regulations that normally plague Philadelphians.

Just weeks before the convention, the Philadelphia Parking Authority reached a deal with Uber, allowing the ride-sharing service to temporarily operate in the city.

The PPA’s spokesman told local media that the DNC was a central factor in its change of heart on Uber. For years, the agency has claimed services like Uber and Lyft are illegal cabs.

The local deal to allow Uber received a boost on July 13, when Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolfe signed legislation allowing ride-sharing services in Philadelphia through the end of September.

Philadelphia is also loosening its normal booze rules throughout the convention.

Temporary revisions to Pennsylvania’s liquor laws mean that wine and spirits can be bought more widely, and that more than 20 bars and restaurants hosting official DNC events will be allowed to serve alcohol until 4 a.m., two hours later than usual.

The editorial board of the Philadelphia Inquirer rightly pointed out the hypocrisy.

“Legislators have justified the bill essentially by explaining what every bar, restaurant and resident already knows: that complying with Pennsylvania’s liquor laws can be difficult but frustrating. … [Pennsylvania Democrats] can suspend the law for themselves and their party but continue to force the rest of us—also known as the chumps—to abide by it.”

We concur. Democrats’ me-but-not-thee policies are maddeningly elitist.