The ever-politically correct Democrats have created an “all-gender” restroom at their Philadelphia convention in order to accommodate the trans-population. And guess which sex is paying the price?


Yup, since the Wells Fargo Arena contains an equal number of men’s rooms and women’s rooms because, you know, there’s generally an equal number of men and women in the general population, one of the facilities had to go in order to be converted into a bathroom targeted at transgenders.

And the Dems sure didn’t convert one of the men’s rooms—so, sorry, Democrat ladies, you’re shy a bathroom.

Furthermore, as the Washington Free Beacon reports, not a single actual trans-person has been spotted using the all-gender facility.

Instead, the bathroom, which is close to the arena’s media section, is mostly being used by male and female reporters. Indeed, as the Free Beacon’s Elizabeth Harrington tweeted after observing one of her colleagues heading for the restroom:

.@BrentScher uses "All-Gender" bathroom at #DNCinPHL, which has now been taken over by male camera men

Typical, isn’t it! Men usurping their way into a women’s domain and then assuming control!

But as Harrington reports, at least one woman isn’t happy about the all-gender conversion:

“I don’t need no man in the next stall next to me while I go to the bathroom,” a female employee of the arena told

“We need a male and female she said. I’ve got personal business. I’m trying to keep it real.”

“It’s privacy. I need privacy.”

Right! And I don’t understand why the American Civil Liberties Union or another of those feminist-friendly outfits hasn’t sued the Dems. Couldn’t they at least have converted a men’s room as well?

You know, to keep it real.