Lovin' all that Democratic "unity" in Philly this week!

Here's Amanda Marcotte (thanks, Twitchy!), the Salon writer and one-woman Hillary booster machine, expressing shock, shock via Twitter that supporters of Bernie Sanders aren't too happy about learning via Wikileaks that the Democratic National Committee has been essentially functioning as Hillary's Praetorian Guard:

And let's be frank: It's not that Bernie dead-enders are sad, it's that they are begrudging this huge victory for women.

That's one way of putting it. Another way of puttng it is that it's a not-very-surprising victory for a woman whose main claim to fame is that she's the wife of a popular former president and who has had the overt and covert backing of the Democratic establishment since she began running for office in 2015. (Debbie Wasserman Schultz, anyone? )

As might be expected, female Sanders supporters haven't been happy about the scolding from Marcotte for not joining Queen Hillary's coronation after she "Bern'd" them royally. Some of their tweets:

.@AmandaMarcotte In total good faith: don't you feel like this erases thousands of women who are among that crowd?

U r deleting hundreds of thousands of women who would never vote for Hillary Clinton. It's not about gender.

hey since y'all Hillbots keep ignoring me i'm just gonna keep saying, I'm a woman and Hillary is not a victory for me

Marcotte, though, has been insulting the Sanders contingent for not jumping aboard the Hillary train since last fall:

The Sanders fanatics are running the same risk now. His biggest stumbling block is the perception that he’s the vanity candidate of the hipster lefties, and especially that he’s the pick of men who like feminism more when it’s pushing birth control pills than pushing women into office.

And I'm sure that calling them "sad" and "fanatics" will reallly encourage those Bernie bros and babes to switch their support–on the ground that, hey, Hillary's a woman!

But as Twitchy's Sarah D. writes:

Please, Democrats. Don’t let us get in the way of your implosion. We’re happy just to watch from the sidelines.

They don't call it the City of Brotherly Love for nothing.