Quote of the Day:

Did Clinton’s e-mail get Amiri killed? Not directly, but it’s unnerving to see she was discussing such material on an insecure system.

–Jim Geraghty's Morning Jolt

A website explains that millions of people served in World War II and most of these citizen soldiers had no idea how to avoid inadvertently exposing information to the enemy. A letter home innocently giving information on military installations could have a devastating impact on operations. The government therefore provided guidelines for writing home letters and on what should not be mentioned on home leave. "Loose lips sink ships" became a byword.

Of course we cannot not for certain lay any of the blame for Amiri's execution on Hillary Clinton but the Amiri story at the very least drives home just how cavalier her treatment of national security was when she served as secretary of state. Shouldn't she have been at least as careful as the average private?

This is very basic, folks.

In fairness, Geraghty goes on to add:

We don’t know for certain that the Iranians had successfully hacked into Clinton’s server — as FBI Director Comey said, hackers are good at covering their tracks — but it seems foolish to assume Tehran could not have. Friendly references to Amiri in private e-mail by Hillary and her staff would destroy his claims to his captors that he wasn’t voluntarily helping American intelligence.

I was arguing with a liberal friend of mine the other day who made an astonishing statement: Clinton, she argued, set up the private email system because the poor woman just wanted "some privacy." But government business is our business and no official should (1.) treat this as a merely private matter, or (2) expose this information to possible capture by our enemies (which is more likely to happen if the official treats it as if it is a purely private matter).

Mrs. Clinton has treated the email matter as a mere impediment to her getting her long-desired promotion–so much so that, as Charles Krauthammer noted yesterday, she has lied about her lies about the emails.