While George W. Bush was pilloried for the seeming aloofness of flying over New Orleans to view the damage wrought by Hurricane Katrina from above, President Obama has made no public statement and continued to golf on Martha's Vineyard (with Larry David) as Baton Rouge residents continue to battle the floods.

Aside from a plea from the Baton Rouge Advocate to come to Louisiana to lend a hand, President Obama has not received much criticism for his aloofness. But–you see–when President Obama ignores the suffering of fellow citizens, it's a virtue:

Obama just doesn't like to fake it.  If he doesn't want to do something or thinks it's stupid to do it — regardless of whether it actually is stupid — he won't do it. 

That gem is from Chris Cillizza's column in the Washington Post headlined "Here's Why Obama Isn't Stopping His Vacation to Visit the Louisiana Flooding."