A college professor in Pennsylvania has come up with a really mature way to protest not getting tenure: he won't eat.

Three year olds sometimes resort to this tactic, I am told, but they aren't able to explain themselves as eloquently as Juan Rojo of Lafayette College:

“I have long ago come to terms with the notion that life is not fair. This process, however, is not about fairness. It is about right and wrong. It's about what is just and what role we as faculty play in our own governance," Rojo said in his statement to the faculty, according to Lehigh Valley Live.

What's really unfair is trying to force Lafayette College to reconsider a tenure decision by starving yourself. Mr. Rago vows that he will consume only water and sports drinks.

Rago has taught Spanish at the college since 2008. The president overrode a faculty committee recommendation that Rago receive tenure, saying that Rago didn't show "distinctive" teaching abilities.

Rago is arguing that it is undemocratic for the president not to abide by the committee decision and claiming that this is against tenure rules as outlined in the faculty handbook. The college, to its credit, isn't responding to emotional blackmail:

The college said it respects Rojo's right to disagree with the decision, but hopes he will express his views in a way that doesn't endanger his health.

The real question is how did a man who apparently has the temperament of a preschooler get a job on a college faculty in the first place.