Anthony Weiner, on his third sext scandal in five years and with Huma finally taking a powder, looks like he's over.

Not so! Weiner has a career ahead of him as a parenting guru for stay-at-home dads.

Here he is, in Keveller on May 10, 2016,  paving the way:

'"You know, I have a 4-year-old at home that I kind of like the stillness of being the guy that’s taking care of him. It’s funny, I was very self-conscious about this idea of being, like a stay-at-home dad is a little bit of an exaggeration–but being a dad…that’s my job.

''With Huma being on the road as much as she is and my sense of obligation like giving her some space for her to be able to do her things now. She sat, unfortunately, and helped me do my things, I’m going to let her do hers and she has stuff they didn’t resolve in 2008. [I wanted] to give her the sense that she can she can do whatever she needed and Jordan was going to be OK….

“I want someone like Jordan to have this notion of perspective. Like you know, there’s bad stuff, there’s not so bad stuff. There’s complex people doing good and bad things in life and we lose a little bit of that nuance. And I’m not saying that in defense of me, so much that I’d say I view the world a lot more that way."

"But there’s another element to it, it’s kind of like why does my redemption as a politician, as a public figure have to be as a public person and a politician? Why can’t it be just doing this other important element of my life really well?"

So, go for it, Anthony. Who cares if, New York City's child welfare agency is investigating you?

The Washington Post reports that the NYC authorities may not have a leg to stand on. Read this quote from New York University law professor Martin Guggenheim:

"In the Weiner case, no crime was committed. But, as I say, that doesn’t end the inquiry," he wrote. "But from what I know of this matter, neither is there any basis for child welfare intervention. From what we know, we have a father who was fantasizing about sex while his young child was asleep in the same bed. Millions of parents do every day. This additional twist here that he took some pictures doesn’t change anything."

See what I mean?

You know, there's bad stuff, and there's not so bad stuff. Single stay-at-home dads whose wives have finally walked out on them may be happy to learn that it's really ok to be fantazing about sex while your kid is sleeping next to you–and taking "some pictures" of how your anatomy reacts to said fantasies, pictures that happen to depict said anatomy and said sleeping child.

You're a guru for single stay-at-home dads. That's your job. You've got a life.