Hillary Clinton is, at least as the mainstream media would have it.  supposed to be a shoo-in for president in November. But, well, just in case, she's already issued the invites to her Sexism Pity Party.

Seems that lots of viewers of the Sept. 7 "Commander in Chief Forum" on NBC were somewhat underwhelmed by the lady in red. Indeed, a Twitter poll by NBC News indicated that 63 percent of viewers thought that GOP candidate Donald Trump "came out on top" in the quasi-debate versus only 37 percent for Hillary. Oops!

Then a gloating RNC chairman Reince Priebus tweeted the following:

@HillaryClinton was angry + defensive the entire time – no smile and uncomfortable – upset that she was caught wrongly sending our secrets.

Now, in the real world, "no smile and uncomfortable" is what is known as an "observation."  But in the onion-skin world of Hillary Clinton and her feminist myrmidons in the MSM, it's known as a "war against women." Because you're never supposed to use the word "smile" in the context of the female sex.

So we have this:

Speaking to reporters outside her campaign plane Thursday morning, Hillary Clinton responded to a question about the below tweet from RNC chairman Reince Priebus urging her to "smile" more.

Um, as you can see, Reince didn't actually "urge" Hillary to "smile more." But what a nice sympathetic setup from a press that's supposed to be objective! Yup, it's time for the sexism card!

Asked if she believes there is a "double standard" in the presidential race for women, she replied: "I'm going to let all of you ponder that last question."

Translation: The bubbly is already flowing at my pity party–and you must try the miniature quiches!


"I think there will be a lot of PhD theses and popular journalism writing on that subject for years to come," she said.

PhD theses on Poor Hillary the Misogyny Victim! Sign me up for grad school!

Meanwhile the liberal commentariat is beside itself with rage at moderator Matt Lauer, who had the temerity to badger the poor woman about her e-mail servers when she was only trying to show how experienced she was as a Mideast foreign-policy heavy and big-time Secretary of State n contrast to hotelier and reality-show host Smiley Donald. The prizewinner in that department, of course, was New York magazine's Jonathan Chait, who played the hysterical old woman so well that he might want to throw a Sexism Pity Party for himself when the election is over:

The shock, for me, was the realization that most Americans inhabit a very different news environment than professional journalists.

Horrors! Maybe I should go to grad school and write my PhD thesis on Jonathan Chait.

So, just in case most Americans fail to emerge from that "different news environment" which says that Hillary scored a Commander in Chief fail, she's already hunting down cheese-ball and slider recipes for her Great Sexism Pity Party. Hunting them down on her personal server, of course.