The Clinton tech employee who set up Hillary Clinton's private email system had a hammer (with which he hammered her Blackberries), but he did not have security clearance. The Daily Caller reports:

The aide who set up former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private servers and email apparently had no security clearance, according to the findings of a congressional committee Tuesday.

Clinton aide Justin Cooper turned heads concerning the Department of State records preservation practices during a hearing before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Cooper is the same aide who also sometimes destroyed Clinton’s BlackBerry phones, “breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer,” the FBI investigative summary report said.

Cooper was a longtime aide of former president Bill Clinton when he helped install Hillary Clinton’s system in 2008 during her first bid for the presidency.

Cooper was the only one witness of four Clinton IT aides or contractors invited to the hearing who both showed up and testified.

Well, give him points for courtesy. And shame on those other aides for treating Congress like dirt.

A lot of defiance of Congress in the last–oh–seven or so years: the IRS stonewalls on providing information or the president uses his pen and phone to do things Congress has rejected.

I've been curious about the complaints lately that two of Clinton's tech aides have been given immunity by the Department of Justice. I don't understand why this is inherently bad: it is customary to grant smaller actors immunity to squeeze them about the big fish.

But maybe the grants of immunity empowered the aides to snub Congress? Maybe it was felt that the DOJ granted them a pass without having any intention to seek information on Mrs. Clinton, whose handling of our nation's secrets is a matter of some interest right now.

 It is to be hoped that, no matter who becomes president next year, Congress will get some of its constitutional authority back, and that when Congress wants to ask questions on behalf of the citizens, people will answer. Congress, get a grip.