CNN host Christiane Amanpour thinks reporting on Hillary Clinton's health is sexist:

“Can’t a girl have a sick day or two?” Amanpour said, before asking: “What about Donald Trump’s tax returns, where are they?” 

Well, collapsing on a nice fall day in New York and then claiming it was the heat is more than a girl's taking a sick day.

For the record, I think the health of candidates is an overrated issue (and that if the GOP doesn't drop it, now that the point has been made, it risks handing the Democrats an excuse to replace an astonishingly weak candidate).

But let's ask ourselves: Was FDR ineffective because he governed from a wheel chair? Did JFK's Addison's Disease affect his performance as president?

It can be argued that with an older candidate the choice of a vice president is more important–FDR, probably knowing he was sick and might not last out his final term in office, replaced the inconsequential John Nance Garner with Harry Truman as vice president in his last campaign.  (Truman may have seemed inconsequential but FDR likely recognized that he was anything but).

Still, I bet Amanpour didn't think it was out of bounds to report relentlessly on the health of Republican presidential candidates Bob Dole and John McCain–who, last time I looked, are still with us.

Can't a girl live up to the standards of objective reporting?