Two men who don't know that much about foreign policy but pride themselves on their worldly sophistication sat down together to share a meal in Hanoi:

Bourdain asked the president a burning question on Sunday's episode: 'Is ketchup on a hot dog ever acceptable?'

Obama answered with a resounding no, adding that it is not acceptable beyond the age of 8.

The chef added that he had witnessed his own 13-year-old daughter put ketchup on eggs, which Obama also thought was inexcusable.

Bourdain praised Obama's foreign policy and his reaching out to countries such as Cuba and Iran – especially, Bourdain said, as 'we're actually talking about building a wall around our country'.

'It confirms the basic truth that people everywhere are pretty much the same,' Obama said. 'The same hopes and dreams.' 

He added: 'You don't make peace with your friends. You make peace with your enemies.'

And this, my friends, is the level of thinking underpining U.S. foreign policy for the last seven plus years.

Bourdain also praised the president's dexterity with chopsticks, which come to think of it is so much mor important than Syria policy.