It appears that Washington-state mall shooter Arcan Cetin, who murdered five people, was, after all, a naturalized citizen.

It had been reported by a local TV station that Cetin was not a citizen but had voted illegally in several U.S. elections.

While this latest iteration of the Cetin story does not pertain to the extremely important matter of voter fraud, it is almost more disturbing than the previous report.

The U.S. has always had a generous immigration policy, and it is customary to think of our country as a melting pot, welcoming all citizens who come here for opportunity.

But we do at least have the right to expect immigration authorities to vet people who come here. We have a right to expect that they will not want to do us harm.

That Cetin came to the United States and then gunned down five people points to something seriously amiss with our vetting process.

No, we shouldn't vet potential citizens based on their political views, but we do have everyright to insist that immigration authorities are as mindful of our safety as of the applicant's desires.

It should also be noted that non-citizens do vote in U.S. elections and that they may have an impact on the outcomes.

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