For young, conservative women, it is not entirely uncommon to feel pressured by claims that liberals are the ones who know and fight for what is best for women. Well, the Network of enlightened Women (NeW) and the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) are here to change that stereotype. Their most recent, detailed report entitled Working For Young Women: A Modern Agenda for Improving Millennial Women’s Lives will make you confident in the fact that conservative, not liberal, policies truly provide the most beneficial path forward for women all across America.

In this report, NeW and IWF present a comprehensive catalogue of policies that concern college-aged women and their conservative solutions. From college tuition prices to the United States tax code, it addresses every issue that is holding young women back and presents pragmatic, conservative reforms that can be made. Working For Young Women makes it simple for any woman to gain a grasp on the issues that impact her, and understand how to effectively argue the ways in which they can be solved. This guide is truly a liberal’s worst enemy and a conservative girl’s best friend.

While writing for Forbes, Karin Agness, President of NeW, stated that the report “includes more than a dozen policy reform ideas to create a more dynamic society in a responsible way—not just suggesting more ‘free’ government programs that will shift costs to the next generation or new slick advertisements trying to fit millennials in old programs.” Similarly, IWF Managing Director Carrie Lukas mentioned in a press release that the goal of the Working For Young Women report is “to highlight to Millennials how there are better policies that will provide them with more and better opportunities.”

The Network of enlightened Women and the Independent Women’s Forum are two exemplary organizations that dedicate their resources to help conservative, millennial women both on college campuses and out in the real world. NeW educates young women about conservative principles, and gives them a place to discuss these values through chapters on college campuses across the nation. In a space dominated by liberals, NeW is making a conservative presence known and respected. IWF’s mission, according to its website, is to “improve the lives of Americans by increasing the number of women who value free markets and personal liberty.” As an organization that predominantly focuses on economic issues relative to women, IWF is constantly researching and providing useful information proving that free markets really do result in free, empowered, young women. While each of these groups are influential in their own right, bringing them together has produced a masterful, factual guide that can and should be used by women throughout the country. Women have substantial power in American politics and with that comes great responsibility to be educated on the issues that impact us.

In a world where liberals are constantly claiming moral superiority in regards to women and the issues they face, it is imperative for conservative women to be armored with facts and solutions. To successfully and confidently preach the conservative case for women, start with reading this digestible, succinct report. Knowledge is power, do not be afraid to use it.