Just for the record, here is the latest high-profile ObamaCare defection:

Minnesota's liberal, Obamacare-supporting governor is finally throwing in the towel and acknowledging reality. Following in leading Obamacare critic Bill Clinton's footsteps, Mark Dayton is admitting that President Obama's signature domestic "accomplishment" has failed to fulfill the core promise upon which it was sold, and about which it was literally named — reducing health care costs for consumers. 

The governor is not alone:

Dayton isn't the only Minnesota official to criticize Obamacare. The state's top insurance regulator, Mike Rothman, said last month that the rate increases in the individual market, which is made up of people who don't get insurance through their job, are "unsustainable." Obamacare's marketplaces comprise much of the individual market. Rothman said that while federal tax credits help some state residents, rising rates are both "unsustainable and unfair." "Middle-class Minnesotans in particular are being crushed by the heavy burden of these costs," he said.

This should remind us that much of President Obama's "fundamental transformation" is built on quicksand: executive orders that could be reversed by another president's pen and ObamaCare, which as opponents predicted, is collapsing on its own.

Sadly, on both these fronts, the next likely occupant of the Oval Office will probably shore up President Obama's failures by going for a single-payer health system and maintaining (and even add to) his executive orders.