The Democratic National Committee is in deep “doo doo” after an unfortunate pit stop Tuesday morning in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

A DNC bus emblazoned with Hillary Clinton insignia spewed raw sewage and human feces all over the road after the bus inexplicably stopped in front of an auto parts store and literally let it rip. A hazmat team soon declared the scene a biohazard.

“I’m sitting here in my store, and I look out the window, and I see this RV turn up,” Mike Robins, manager of O’Reilly Autoparts, tells Heat Street. “It says ‘Hillary and Kaine,’ has their pictures on the side. I was going to go out and take a picture when a guy got out of the bus, walked midway, pushed a lever, and right before I knew it, they were dumping all their raw sewage.”

Robins says he watched aghast—and then started snapping photos. “It was just right there, side of the street, dumping,” he says. “They just turned that lever and let it rip.”

Robins tried to call the health department. They didn’t answer, so he called a friend in the police department, who promptly alerted others in the city. Before long, the fire department and a hazmat team arrived.

Authorities considered it a biohazard, Robins says, and they couldn’t spray it down the storm drain, so they swept it up in red bags. Police reported a pile of waste, toilet paper and a foul smell, WBS-TV Atlanta reported.

“I just can’t believe they did that,” Robin says. “Anybody. You just can’t believe anyone would do that. You see it in a comedy movie in TV, but you don’t think you’d see anyone do that in real life. … It’s not like they don’t have enough money to go to the reclaim basin, hook up and dispose of it properly. One of my customers said, ‘Well, she’s been crapping on us all these years, what are you surprised with?’”

Tommy McDaniel, the director of the Lawrenceville Sanitation Department, said that in nearly 23 years working from the city, he’s never seen anyone dump waste like that. “You have to take it to the waste station somewhere to empty,” he said. (The location of the incident likely falls in Gwinnett County’s jurisdiction, but no one from their office could be immediately reached.)

In a statement to local press, the DNC called the incident “an honest mistake,” apologizing and vowing to work with state and local authorities to fix any problems.

Robins says he’s worried about the bus driver, hoping he doesn’t lose his job over the brouhaha. His main concern this election is the economy, he says, and he’s not impressed with either candidate right now.

“In this campaign year, nothing surprises you,” Robins says. “One’s the Kremlin, one’s the clown. I just want to get the economy right, [and instead, we have] all this mudslinging and crap like it.”

Crap indeed.