Hey, social justice warriors: Tired of bullying full-grown adult males?

Try bullying high-school girls instead.

That's what happened to two Kansas teenagers who apparently decided to go Halloween trick-or-treating dressed as characters from The Purge, a 2013 cult horror flick whose plot revolves around a night of the year on which people get to commit whatever violent crimes they like without reprisal (sort of like Baltimore after the Freddy Gray riots). Following the movie's pictorial lead,in which several of the one-night terrorists show up at a home in blood-splattered white clothes, the two girls wore torn white T-shirts sprinkled with drops of what looked like blood.

Apparently one of their friends didn't get the Purge connection. According to a parent of of one of the Purge-costumed girls (as reported by Mic's Sarah Harvard)

Someone told them they looked like rape victims. They sent a picture to their "friends" on Snapchat with a sad face due to the fact that they were called by that term.

Well! The Snapchat photo, with its caption "Rape victims ://," got picked up on Twitter, which is SJWHQ these days:

While the internet has been long been calling out racially offensive Halloween costumes, social media is now also shaming two high school students in Kansas who reportedly dressed as "rape victims" over Halloween weekend….

However, after the Snapchat image was posted to the internet, Twitter users were quick to call out the image as distasteful.

Some sample "call-outs":

how about she stop postin s[—] like that & go clean her room,like y post this when u can do something better with ur life.

omg are you for real? It's not even like they've made a costume that's unmistakeable – why not "bmx accident"?

Rape victims are NOT a "funny" joke or a HALLOWEEN COSTUME. It just amazes me at how stupid some people are…

Indeed, Mic writer Harvard added her moralistic two cents to the tut-tutting of the teenagers:

The image struck a chord with many, in particular because girls between 16 and 19 years of age are four times as more likely to be "victims of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault" than the rest of the population, according to RAINN. That organization also reports that for every 1,000 incidents of rape in the U.S., only about 334 are reported to law enforcement.

About 20% of rape survivors have reported that they feared retaliation for reporting their incidents to the police. Most assailants or abusers do not face legal consequences. In fact, it is estimated that 994 out of every 1,000 rapists will walk away without jail time.

Yada, yada, yada.

Meanwhile, as that parent of one of the poor girls pointed out:

They made a terrible error in judgement by stating that caption, not thinking how the picture would be misconstrued. The girls are very good kids and don't deserve the threats they are receiving because of misinformed judgement by the public.

Yes, its alwyas a "terrible error in judgment" to underestimate the bullying power and the bullying propensity of social justice warriors. Bullies don't care how young you are. In fact, the younger you are, the easier you are to target. That's the way bullies are, even when they hide behind a cloak of high-minded moralizing about "rape."