It's election day and on this day, when we participate in the central ritual of our citizenship, I don't like to get into the question of whether the mainstream press is in the tank for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

But how about when a member of the mainstream press writes about his reactions to Mrs. Clinton in dime novel sexual terms? That's the only conceivable explanation for this strange short article about a Clinton appearance during a Florida storm by New York Times political reporter Mike Barbaro:

The moment lasts about 45 seconds….

Mrs. Clinton, pelted by a driving rain and seemingly overcome by exhaustion, exhilaration and a swirling wind, lets loose with her hands and relinquishes her script….

Her arms thrust skyward, one after the other, in what starts to feel like a dance.

There’s an unfamiliar sense of abandon and joy.

The rain grows heavier. Her wet clothes turn a shade darker. She cracks a wide smile. She takes in the scene around her and laughs before she finishes her sentence.

She’s drenched now, her voice hoarse. The storm is mussing her hair. It’s time to leave the stage. But just before doing so, she turns and raises both arms, giving herself up to the storm and the moment — and the looming end of this adventure.

You can watch a vid of the Hillar-ecstasy in the rain that got Barbaro going here.

As Federalist editor Mollie Hemingway, who gets a hat tip for finding this item, writes:

Listen, we all have our weird sexual kinks, even if we choose not to broadcast them in national newspapers. But wow.

Barbaro's piece is titled "In 1 Unscripted Moment, Hillary Clinton Finds Joy in the Rain." A better title "You Can Be a Grandma and Still Turn On a New York Times Reporter."