President-Elect Donald Trump has outraged some liberal commentators by ditching the press and sneaking out for dinner with his family at 21.

I could not be more encouraged–and not only because the media has had a meltdown (as amusing as that may be). But I am encouraged because maybe–just maybe–it is an early sign that Trump will live a more normal life, to the extent possible, and will ditch some of the royal trappings the presidency has acquired.

Harry Truman, finding himself short on pocket change, once popped out of the White House to walk to the bank. The Secret Service dashed in hot ursuit of the president and, although they made their displeasure clear, Truman's walks outside the White House continued to bedevil them.

The world is more immediately dangerous now than when Truman was in the White House, and presidents will never again be as close to ordinary citizens as was Truman on his walks. Still, it would be nice to see some of the royal accoutrements reduced and maybe also a reduction in unnecessary security.

This might even have a trickledown effect in Washington, where, when you hear sirens and see a motorcade, you know that it is as likely to be some second-tier official enjoying status symbols as it is the president going somewhere.

These status symbols cost money and I would suggest are not even dignified, seeming more appropriate for a Hollywood celebrity than for somebody who has serious responsibilities. 21 is a fancy steak house, but I love it that Trump and his family seem to have gone there as nearly like ordinary diners as possible. (They reportedly received a standing ovation, even though New York went overwhelmingly for Mrs. Clinton).

Meanwhile, here is a verse from an old children's primer:

How are emperors and kings protected?

By great troops of guards; so that it is difficult to approach them.
How is the president guarded?
He needs no guards at all; he may be visited by any person like a private citizen.

We could never go back to this.

The trappings have become too extreme, however, and the bills to the taxpayer too inconsiderate.

President-Elect Trump may be just the man to reduce the size of entourages and require that our employees don't send us the bills from the most expensive hotels on the planet.