Jacob Russell is a Harvard sophomore studying history. If you read noting else today, read Russell's open letter to snowflakes who find themselves unable to cope with the orderly transfer of power that (in our great country) follows a presidential election. Russell writes:

Imagine if you treated people of different races as you treat people with different opinions. There would be a tremendous outcry! But somehow it is fine to discriminate against those with different views.

Did it ever occur to you that this may be why people voted for Trump? That it might not have been the “racist proclivities” of the U.S. or the “dangerous nationalism” of the people, but that it was people who tell them not to think or speak the way they do.

Trump won, and he did not overthrow the government or kill people to silence them. He won in the standard fashion — by getting 270 votes in the Electoral College. As I said, you have a right to be upset, but what we have on our hands now is an embarrassment.

And this does not lie only with the undergrads. Universities themselves are making all types of provisions to coddle those who have been traumatized by the will of the American people. At Harvard, the Introduction to Economics midterm was made optional; the reason provided was that the election results came in too late, but we all know it would have been mandatory if Clinton had won by 10 p.m., as expected.

 . . .

Protesting the orderly transfer of power under the Constitution is a head-scratcher. Maybe we can trace the root cause of this behavior to our generation receiving participation trophies while growing up. Many never learned how to be graceful in defeat, much less handle it.

Russell says it is time to put away the Play Doh (some colleges actually dispensed to help spoiled kiddies– I mean students–deal with an electoral outcome that was not what they wanted).