The Guardian reports on the reaction of a Moroccan TV shows tips on how to cover evidence of domestic abuse with make-up (I kid you not):

Women in Morocco have reacted in horror after a programme on state television demonstrated how they could use makeup to cover up evidence of domestic violence.

The segment in the daily programme Sabahiyat, on Channel 2M, showed a smiling makeup artist demonstrating how to mask marks of beating, on a woman with her face made up to appear swollen and covered with fake black and blue bruises.

“We hope these beauty tips will help you carry on with your daily life”, the host said at the end of the segment, broadcast on 23 November – two days before the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

The response was immediate, and outraged. A petition signed by hundreds of women demanded an apology and sanctions against the station. One man tweeted that the segment had left him speechless.

These women have something real to be outraged about, as do these:

Increasing numbers of female refugees are abandoning their accommodation centres in Germany to seek sanctuary in homes for domestic violence victims.

The distressing news about the plight of female refugees in Germany comes as the world marks the UN's 'International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women'.

In and around Stuttgart alone there were 105 rapes, assaults and robberies of women and 77 against children in the refugee centres last year, but the local government admits that the number of unreported cases is 'significantly larger.'

In the state of Saxony-Anhalt there are no figures available but 20 female shelters have now opened their doors to provide a refuge for abused and children.

Those affected in Germany come from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, according to a survey by the German press agency. There, they were beaten, oppressed, or passed to other men.

Experts say part of the problem is the inability of men to accept the freedom accorded to their wives, daughters and siblings in the west.

Meanwhile, western feminists have their hands full denouncing microaggressions and don't have time to take a stand on these louts.