Looks like another good free-market pick as Elaine Chao, who served as George W. Bush's labor secretary, has been nominated to be Donald Trump's Transportation Secretary.

Hot Air takes note of the nomination:  

No one doubts Chao’s abilities to lead a Cabinet department. She did a fine job as Bush’s Labor Secretary, giving loyal service for the entire eight-year run. Her conservative credentials are solid; she has been a Heritage Foundation fellow during the periods when she was out of public service. Chao will be uniquely positioned for regulatory streamlining and rollbacks, although the DoT might not be the primary target of those efforts. Republicans have every reason to be delighted with her appointment.

Hot Air goes on to speculate as to whether the base will regard her as too much of an insider for a "drain the swamp" administration, but her philosophical bent would seem to make that unlikely.

We at IWF know Ms. Chao best as the recipient of our Woman of Valor award in 2005, and Senator Mitch McConnell knows her best as his wife.