Still having a sad over Hillary Clinton's defeat on Nov. 8? Well, so is Newsweek magazine.

Newsweek is experiencing such sorrowful feelz over the fact that it now can't use the special commemorative "Madame President" issue that it had carefully prepared when the polls were saying Hillary was a shoo-in that it's decided…to release excerpts from the contents of the issue anyway.

And they're humdingers! The landfill of purple progressive prose we would have had to drill through if Hillary had won!

Here's Cady Drell, formerly of Newsweek, now at Glamour, dancing a little dance of feminist happiness–but also managing to work in a little feminist sermon:

The glass ceiling isn't shattered until women's success is no longer news in and of itself. The history of feminism in this country has never been for the benefit of the trailblazer in question, just as any women who today voted for Hillary Clinton didn't do it for their own gain. Women like Clinton, and the women who led the fights for racial equality in this country, and the suffragettes before them, and the countless women whose names we don't even know before them endured what they did so that things would be a little bit easier for the women who followed them.

And here's Jonathan Chait at New York magazine:

Sparing the Republic from the whims of a twisted maniac is no small triumph.

'Nuff said, Jonathan!

From radio show host Katie Halper:

Dear Hillary Clinton,

Congrats. You've achieved history.

'Nuff said, Katie!

And for way, way over top, I can't resist quoting at length from the delerious-with-joy Jon Schwarz of the Intercept:

The fact that a Tang-colored monstrosity like Trump came this close to the  Zero Halliburton aluminum suitcase is by itself a terrifying catastrophe. The U.S. has had several presidents who might have destroyed humanity on purpose, but Trump is the first serious contender who could easily have done it by accident.

In any functioning democracy Trump’s campaign would have sputtered to a halt in the fall of 2015 because all of the other Republican candidates refused to appear on the same stage as him….

If we look back over the last 15 years of American history and its culmination with Trump, we can see that U.S. elites have built a political system that’s like a killer robot that’s malfunctioning to the degree that even they can’t control it anymore. Working normally it murders African Americans and pregnant women and opioid addicts. The Iraq war was a minor hiccup that caused it to obliterate a country, several thousand Americans and hundreds of thousands of foreigners. The housing bubble was the result of a more serious bug that liquidated hundreds of thousands more from the poorer half of the rich world.

But with Trump, for perhaps the first time, the robot totally ignored the commands of its creators and put everyone in its crosshairs.

This time it missed.

Just think–if Hillary had "achieved history" and actually won that election, we'd have to wade through goo like the above every single day for four, maybe even eight long years. Talk about being in the crosshairs!

For a glimpse of the Newsweek Hillary-commemorating cover that might have been if only, click here.