The director of communications for the DC public school system has a communications problem.

She indicated in a tweet that she would like to abolish white men.

The Daily Caller reports:

A spokeswoman for Washington, D.C.’s public school system tweeted Tuesday about her desire to “abolish” all white men.

The declaration by Hilary Tone, who works a day job as communications director for D.C. Public Schools, was prompted by president-elect Donald Trump’s selection of Rick Perry to lead the Department of Energy. Pointing towards Perry’s stated desire to abolish the department he’s been tapped to lead, Tone quipped that she would personally like to lead (and presumably also eliminate) the “Department of White Men.”

The Caller notes that thirteen percent of DCPS’s students are white. If half are male, the DC public school department presides over 3,150 male students now.  

Let's hope Ms. Tone doesn't abolish these lads.