Alas, Pantsuit Nation, the underground network of support for Hillary Clinton for president, has succumbed to the general descent into madness of those whose candidate lost in November. But Pantsuit Nation has a particular beef with its founder, Libby Chamberlain, who is monetizing her Hillary support with a book deal.  

Adding insult to injury, Chamberliain's book is to be a . . .  coffee table book.

The horror! The New York Post reports:

"Libby you should be ashamed. This is a disgusting betrayal of trust and using others’ stories to make money and gain fame,” wrote a Pantsuit Nation member named Jamie Bryant, who describes herself on Twitter as a “radical feminist bitch.”

. . .

"Libby, this is a betrayal of safe space,” group member Ellen Byrne wrote. “You can’t invite people to share intimate thoughts . . . then summarily, as an individual, change those terms. Something sacred has happened on this page and I don’t believe it belongs.”

Some were particularly upset that in her announcement, Chamberlain bragged the book would be on “nightstands and coffee tables all around the world.”

Ada Y. Sheng wrote: “Can I point out the pathetic irony that 4 million people drawn together behind the incredibly strong and smart woman that we hoped would be the leader of the free world is now . . . going to produce a coffee table book. Seriously?

I would like to add my voice to the chorus of shock. Ms. Chamberlain's greed is especially repugnant because, of course, we know that the Clintons themselves would never stoop to make money from their careers in public service.