In a story headlined "Trump's Sad Crew of C-Listers: How Hollywood Stars Have Always Shunned the Donald," the Daily Beast's Amy Zimmerman gasps at the horror of it all:

With only a few weeks until Inauguration Day, President-elect Trump has proven himself incapable of booking even one A-list performer.

Oh, no–we won't get to hear the vulgar lyrics of Beyonce and Jay Z when our nation celebrates the inauguration of a new president?

What Ms. Zimmerman fails to understand is that many Americans are fed-up with the opinionated but shallow luminaries of the entertainment-media complex. Some Americans, say, in the Rust Belt, couldn't help noticing that Hillary Clinton preferred being on stage with Lady Gaga to coming to visit them and hearing about their concerns. So for many Americans, the news that Donald Trump can't muster the usual bores from Hollowood is the good news.

We appreciate Andrea Bocelli's angelic voice and courage to overcome physical challenges, but his behavior in the matter of the inauguration leaves us wondering if Mr. Bocelli is the most loyal of friends: 

Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli almost signed on, before bowing to pressure from his more liberal-minded fans. Bocelli, who technically could not have voted for the president-elect, was a natural candidate for the gig.

The 58-year-old blind legend has sold over 80 million records worldwide, making him objectively famous. More importantly, the crooner is a longtime pal of our president-elect. Trump hosted Bocelli for a private concert in 2010 at his country club Mar-a-Lago, and took his family to his Central Park mega-concert in 2011. According to reports, Trump was even bumping some Bocelli in Trump Tower back in June 2015, right before delivering his presidential announcement speech. So Bocelli’s decision to back out of the inauguration is undoubtedly a huge disappointment to Donald Trump, who reportedly “personally approached” the singer with an offer. Faced with a pantheon of performers who would rather gouge out their own eyes than celebrate the president-elect’s inauguration, Trump’s team is quickly running out of options.

An editor at Daily Beast should have pointed out that "gouge out their own eyes" is perhaps an ill-advised choice of words in this context.

The Beast condescendlingly finds poignance in Trump's failure to "find a celebrity date to his own ball take on a new level of poignancy in light of his historical obsession with A-list stars."

Get real. Many Americans, including your humble blogger, will be delighted not to be subjected to the antics of Hollywood's tiresome A-Listers on January 20.