How crazy are the Democrats these days?

This crazy:

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) unveiled a new slogan Wednesday after an extensive closed-door strategy meeting with President Obama.

Schumer and Pelosi plan to attack the GOP plan to repeal and replace Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement as an attempt to dismantle the entire health-care system, including Medicare and Medicaid, according to a copy of the memo obtained by the Washington Post.

And the catchy Obamacare-saving slogan that the three biggest brains in Washington came up with:

"Make America Sick Again."

Mmm, why not go all the way and say "Make America Dead Again"? As Dilbert creator Scott Adams blogged:

Is the Onion advising the Democrats now?

Adams included a photo of Schumer and Pelosi unveiling a poster with the words "Make America Sick Again" in letters even taller than Pelosi's stilettos. (The poster does inform viewers–in teeny little letters that you need your bifocals to read–that it's supposed to be the Republicans who want to make America sick again, not the Dems. Oh.)

As Adams wrote:

Worst. Persuasion. Ever. Someone needs to do an intervention. This is officially embarrassing.

Even more embarrassing was the fact–as it turned out–that "Make America Sick Again" wasn't even original. Shock-rocker Alice Cooper plastered it all over posters and coffee mugs when he conducted a mock-campaign for president last summer. Twitchy featured this tweet from The Political Hat:

Sees: "Make America Sick Again" is trending

Expects: Alice Cooper

Gets: Leftists whining

Maybe that's why president-elect Donald J. Trump called Schumer a "clown"–one of those signature Trump-ithets that I predict is gonna stick.

My advice to the Schumer-Pelosi-Obama brain trust:  Order yourself a set of those "Make America Sick Again" mugs from the Alice Cooper website (just $22 apiece!), fill them with the strongest black coffee you can brew, and sit up all night thinking up some other slogan. Any other slogan.