Quote of the Day:

Liberals and progressives hate any non-white who supports conservatives–even a toddler.

–National Review sub-headline

Not surprisingly, Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.), who is Donald Trump's nominee for Attorney General, gathered his family around him for a group photo before the courtly southern senator underwent grilling in his confirmation hearing. MTV News correspondent Ira Madison III took note of the toddler who was sitting on the senator's lap. Ellen Carmichael of National Review describes what happened:

[Madison] found it troubling that the junior senator from Alabama was, in plain view, holding in his lap a toddler who appeared to be of Asian descent. “Sessions, sir, kindly return this Asian baby to the Toys ‘R’ Us you stole her from,” Madison wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Since the toddler is Session's granddaughter, it is unlikely that she will be "returned" to Toys 'R' Us. Madison was not mollified:

“There is no reason for that child to be in his lap in a hearing other than to send an ‘I’m not racist’ message,” he continued.

No reason at all, except that sometimes granddaughters like to snuggle on their grandfathers' laps, and grandfathers are said to like this, too. The little girl is the child of the senator's daughter Ruth, whose husband is Asian-American.  Nasty Madison III was not to be deterred:

Madison never issued an apology for his initial tweet. Instead, the lifestyle blogger, who in a delicious twist of irony manages a site called “Delete Your Account,” sent several more explaining that it was Senator Sessions who was the racist, exploiting his own grandchildren to convince the public he wasn’t one. “Why is she a prop?” he mused in another post. “Sessions argued for a policy that in the 1880s was used to discriminate against Asian Americans.”

The rambling tweet storm, which earned Madison the consternation of CNN anchor Jake Tapper, resulted in a statement from MTV insisting that their employees’ views do not represent those of the network. But Madison kept the anti-Sessions tweets coming, obviously undeterred by the public backlash he faced for his insensitivity.

So this is the inclusive left, folks. Carmichael comments:

Madison’s Twitter rampage isn’t a unique meltdown for a leftist faced with the reality of actual diversity among Republicans and their families, especially as it concerns children. In a 2013 panel on MSNBC’s now-canceled “Melissa Harris-Perry Show,” guests poked fun at former Republican Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney for his annual Christmas card, which featured a photograph of his growing family. In it, a small army of grandchildren surrounds Romney and his wife, Ann. The newest Romney child, Kieran, sits upon the governor’s knee. Kieran is different from his cousins — not in the love that he is shown by his grandparents, but in the color of his skin.

The adopted son of Ben and Andelynne Romney, Kieran is African-American, which is inexplicably hilarious to some especially cruel MSNBC commentators who thought ridiculing an infant on television was a great way to spread some holiday cheer. Actress Pia Glenn sang, “One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same,” while comedian Dean Obeidallah chimed in that Kieran’s membership in the Romney family “really sums up the diversity of the Republican party, the RNC,” where, at the convention, “they find the one black person.”

Democrats don’t reserve their nastiness only for innocent children in Republican families. Sometimes they pick on people their own size — Republican adults who also happen to be people they think should be Democrats.

Former Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal falls into that category. Carmichael chronicles the left's attacks on Jindal for what they describe as not being Indian enough (he converted to Catholicism) but in reality his fault is not being a Democrat. Ditto racially-flavored attacks on Herman Cain, Allen West, and Senator Tim Scott. Carmichael concludes:

Not all liberals are this way. They’re just in a party that tolerates opinions like these and exalts those who spew them. Unlike the Right, the Left will never expel one of its own for immorality or embarrassment. Being a Democrat means being a part of a team that, no matter the cost, always sticks together.

For far too many standard-bearers of their movement, disagreement with any conservative on policy need not be tempered by basic civility, since the Left is always entitled to be mad about whatever it is they’re mad about, and thus, the ends always justify the means.

 Who cares if you excoriate a toddler not even old enough to read your tweet? Her grandfather’s a Republican senator, so she had it coming.

Of course, people like Madison III are unkind, but I guess what worries me almost as much as that they are also uncouth and that this kind of uncouthness is accepted by a large segment of the population, and that it is a supposedly educated segment that purports to be an elite.

How rude and repugnant these people who would attack a toddler are.