Alexandra DeSanctis wrote here yesterday that leaders of the “Women’s March on Washington” have disinvited the pro-life group that had sought to take part in the effort.   

It’s really no surprise that March organizers and hard left feminists like Jessica Valenti would reject support from a woman’s group that differs with them on an issue like this.  This March – like the progressive feminist movement – isn’t about supporting women, so much as it is supporting a specific, far-left progressive agenda.    

The March’s website claims to be inclusive – “recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country” – but they really aren’t interested in diversity of thought or belief.  As I wrote recently for Acculturated, the Left has long been able to get away with claiming to speak for “women” while ignoring any woman who has different views or beliefs: 

Just as the Women’s Centers on nearly every university campus in America provide an entirely liberal vision of women’s issues and marginalize any student with conservative leanings, these march organizers felt free to call it “The Women’s March on Washington,” not “progressive women” even though that’s what it is in fact, and leave out conservatives or anyone with different perspectives. They can rest safe in the knowledge that the sympathetic press would never challenge their presumption to speak for all women.

That’s something that may be changing though.  At some point, the mainstream media is going to have to recognize that they no longer completely control the narrative.  Despite their Herculean efforts, they weren’t able to destroy Trump, even among women.  Yes, Hillary Clinton won the women’s vote overall, but more than four out of ten women voters still gave their support to Trump.

If they want to regain credibility with more of America, they are going to have to stop just parroting the left’s claim that they represent “women” and recognize that women truly are diverse.  And not just the kind of surface level diversity that the March organizers fixate on—color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.  Women actually have very different outlooks and perspectives on myriad issues.  A group or march truly interested in bringing people together, and helping women live the lives that they want, would be focused on creating a system that gives people more freedom and control over resources so they could make choices that make sense for them.   But that’s the antithesis of the progressive feminist movement that seeks bigger government and more stringent regulations designed solely to advance their idea of what women should want. 

They say it’s the “Women’s March,” but they sure aren’t marching for me.