Elizabeth Warren: America's most sanctimonius senator.

Even Sen. Al Franken, Minnesota's Democratic loudmouth on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee who gave Education Secretary-designee Betsy DeVos a hard time as he tried to show off during her Tuesday confirmation hearing how much he actually knew about education, courteously shook her hand at the end of a long and contentious day. So did some of the other Democrats on the committee.

But not Warren. Uh-uh. As the DC Examiner reports (with video):

[W]hen she reached out to Warren, Warren waved and continued walking.

This was yet another chapter in the Elizabeth Warren Holier Than Thou Saga, chronicled in part by Front Page's Daniel Greenfield last June:

These days she tours as Hillary Clinton’s attack Chihuahua lobbing piercing insults at Trump. Like the time she accused Trump of being “greedy”. Then she charged him with having a “goofy hat”.

"Shut up, Elizabeth Warren," Greenfield wrote. "We don't need another Hillary."

The Foundation for Economic Education's Joey Clark noted in September that even when Warren  decides to issue a harangue for a good reason–such as castigating Wells Fargo for opening accounts for customers without their permission–she turns it into something tedious priggish:

Say what you will about the senior Senator from Massachusetts, love her or hate her, but waking up to an Elizabeth Warren harangue is about as pleasant as a throbbing hangover without the consolation of a previous night’s revelry.

And the Blaze's Kate Scanlon had this to say in October about Warren's special mode of self-dramatization:Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) clucked like a chicken Sunday while mocking Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for failing to release his tax returns….

"…Donald Trump’s words don’t make me sick anymore. They make me furious.”

She then went on to blast Trump for refusing to release his tax returns. “And now, Donald Trump, the big brave Donald Trump, is too chicken to release his tax returns,” Warren said before beginning to cluck.

There's video on this, too.

So, please, Sen. Warren, ma'am.. We know you love demonstrating just how high your moral high ground is. But we'd love you better if you extended a few basic good manners.